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My idol and hero, Monty Oum, is at the hospital and in critical care, so I am scared shitless right now that the world could lose one of the greatest men I've ever heard of.

His awesome work has inspired not only me but countless others. He's also the creator of one of my favourite web series, RWBY.

I don't have much else to say right now, other than I'm begging he gets better.
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(Contains: violence/gore)
                                                    The world awakens.

- Planet M-2 -

- Airlock checkpoint -

- November 30th 2555 -

The mighty Forerunner Keyship Dreadnought hovers within a massive underwater chamber as the liquid is being slowly drained out. On the bridge of the ship, Ridley waits while his crew, composed of Space Pirates and Kig-yar, try to pass the time.

Ridley says absolutely nothing, which makes his crew even more uncomfortable than if he was yelling at them. He watches the Jackals and Skirmishers bicker and squabble among each other over food and items. The Pirates let them do as they wish, so long as they do not mess with the ship's systems. The sight is mildly amusing to Ridley.

- - -

It has taken some time before they could safely reenter the Dreadnought after bringing it out of the sun. Once inside, they moved quickly to secure it and ensure there were no surviving life forms within, despite the scans.

Several systems and equipment were damaged from the battle that took place within as well as from being inside the sun for so long. Luckily, the Huragok they brought with them were more than happy to fix Forerunner tech.

The engine room was filled with a mountain of heated dust. While the Pirates were cleaning it up, Science Team's scans indicated that the dust contained traces of Flood DNA, without life energy.

The door to the bridge was welded shut, forcing Ridley to smash the obstacle off the wall. After fixing the ship's controls, the Space Pirates took the Dreadnought back to their base on the ocean planet of M-2.

- - -

The bounty hunter, Weavel, patrols the hallways of the Forerunner ship, reminiscing of when he first entered these battle scarred corridors.

He stops when his radar shows a contact close by who isn't moving at all. He activates his energy scythe when an Alpha Jackal emerges from a hole in the vent and tackles him to the floor.

The Kig-Yar captain, Dras, holds up his cutlass and snarls down at the hunter.

"Tell me why I shouldn't kill you right here. I know what you overheard. Why haven't you gone to Ridley? What do you want from me?"

Weavel is mostly machine and Dras can't smell if he's afraid or not.

"Because I don't care if you warned Compassion or not. It doesn't matter now anyway. What I want to know is if that's all you've been doing,"

"What do you mean? Are you accusing me of treachery?"

"I'm suspecting you of thievery,"

Dras bring his energy cutlass closer to Weavel's head.

"But you don't have proof. That's why you haven't gone to Ridley,"

Weavel shakes his head.

"It's not that. There are a number of items that have gone missing that I highly doubt would be of any appeal to your kind."

Dras raises his head and sniffs out another patrol approaching. He gets off of Weavel and deactivates his weapon. He points down at the bounty hunter and says,

"Fine then. Let's talk, but you're not going anywhere near Ridley,"

Weavel gets up and appears calm as a couple of Pirate Troopers approach them.


"Depressurization is complete,"

The computerized voice tells Ridley after the water has been completely drained. The great doors beneath the ship open up, allowing the Dreadnought to descend into a massive chamber filled with inactive machinery.

Once the ship lands, the Pirates fire up the Forerunner engines and connect them to their base's power grid. The machinery around the ship comes to life and begin mining and smelting the minerals and ore that make up the planet's crust. Just the smallest fraction of M-2's core is enough to build an entire fleet of warships.

Ridley watches from the bridge of the Dreadnought and grins to himself.

"If only you could see this, Kraid. With a new fleet and and our Enhanced solders, the slaughter will be too good to miss,"
Haloid Part IV, Chapter 33
When I first imagined this chapter, I picture Ridley leaving the Dreadnought and flying through the factory machinery until he reached his quarters and watched his new toys of destruction being built.

Unfortunately, my lack of knowledge when it comes to machinery made it difficult to put into words what he would be diving under or flying over.

This chapter takes place where Part IV's prologue left off, some time later.
It's the anniversary of my Haloid story today.

I apologize for my laziness over the past year but I promise you that I haven't forgotten the story. I will resume writing soon and the amount of Halo content released recently will certainly help.

That's about all I've got to say. Thanks for being so patient with me.
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- Earth -

- Forest outside Eggman's base -

During one of Shadow's brief moments of consciousness, he can see sunlight shining through tree branches overhead. The branches appear to be moving, or rather Shadow is the one that's moving.

Exhaustion and pain force him back to unconsciousness.

When he comes to, he finds himself propped against a tree in the woods. He can hear tree branches rustling in the wind, but no birds or sounds of other animals. He slowly opens his eyes and sees the back of a robot with massive arms. The machine slowly rotates its torso as it appears to be checking its surroundings.

He recognizes this robot instantly.

"Omega," he whispers.

E-123 Omega turns around to face the hedgehog and looks down at him with red electronic eyes.

"Shadow," he replies.

Pain shoots through him when he tries to move. Shadow realizes that he's still gripping his Inhibitor Rings. Fighting through the agony, he reaches down and reattaches them to his ankles.

"What are you doing here?" Shadow asks Omega.

"Completing my mission,"

"Your mission?" He suddenly feels angry. "The Doctor is escaping and you're wasting your time-"

"Terminating Eggman is not my primary objective, only secondary," Omega interrupts.

"And what was your primary objective?" Shadow asks while slowly trying to stand up.

"Locating you and securing your safety,"

Shadow is perplexed at the robot.

"Who put you up to this? Rouge?"




Shadow blinks and he feels more confused than ever.

"This mission was self-assigned," Omega explains. "When you went missing, I ceased tracking down Eggman and began searching for you instead,"


"We are allies, Shadow. Logic dictates that we aid each other in times of need,"

Shadow's jaw slowly opens as he stares at the robot for a moment before he looks away and closes his eyes.

When Omega went missing during the Marauders' attack, he searched everywhere for his robotic comrade. Sonic confronted him and questioned what he was up to and that's when Shadow admitted that he was looking for Omega, because he is his friend and ally.

To have that action reciprocated was something Shadow never expected, least of all coming from a robot.

"Hmph," Shadow folds his arms in front of him and avoids looking at Omega. "How did you find me?"

"Rouge informed me she sent you to find the Chaos Emeralds. My sensors recently picked up their energy signature and I began tracking you down to this location,"

Shadow takes one of the emeralds in his hand and thinks for a while. He should be able to use Chaos Control now that the Eggman Replica has been destroyed. The pain in his body gives him an idea.

He grips the emerald and activates Chaos Control. He manipulates time in order to accelerate his body's healing process. If Shadow weren't immortal, his body would age by the same amount of time it would take for his body to recover from his wounds naturally.

Once his injuries have healed, Shadow puts away the emerald, then realizes the cost of using such a trick.

Omega scans Shadow while the hedgehog stretches his muscles.

"Your body has become atrophied from lack of use during accelerated time. Regardless, you should regain maximum effectiveness momentarily,"

"Your mission is over, Omega," Shadow tells him.


The robot turns around and starts heading back the way he came.

"Preparing to destroy the remainder of Eggman's machines and robots, then I shall resume searching for him,"

As Omega walks away, Shadow dispels any doubt that Mephiles may have planted in him. It doesn't matter if Omega was created to contain Shadow. His friend chose to rescue him. Omega's loyalty is chosen, not programmed. A loyalty that Eggman threw away when he locked him up.

"You are the Doctor's greatest creation," Shadow says.

Omega turns his head around and raises his fist.

"I intend to remind him of that," he replies.

Shadow and Omega part ways. Th hedgehog continues to stretch his limbs while reflecting on his recent experience. A few questions have been answered and others have been raised, leaving Shadow unsure of what he should do next.

- - -

Traverse Town...

In the Third District, Amy Rose stares enviously at the statues of the Lady and the Tramp.

"Amy! We need your help!" Tails calls while Knuckles puts a wooden beam into position.

"Coming, Tails!" Amy sighs and prepares to hammer in another hundred nails.

All of the refugees, and visitors, to Traverse Town are hard at work repairing the damage after the recent crisis. Most of them have no choice since many houses and hotels were burned down during the attack. Either they help out or live on the streets with the Heartless.

Being the only Keyblade wielder in town, Mickey Mouse does his best to purge the districts of any Heartless he can find but they are constantly drawn to Traverse Town by the negative feelings the refugees are harbouring.

Their worlds were taken from them by a black hedgehog and they were almost burned to death by a pyrokinetic cat, who reportedly is still in town somewhere. Several angry survivors have begun a witch hunt for Blaze in order to vent their anger over recent events.


Luckily, they hid Blaze in the Mystical House within the Zero District. Tails believes the amount of water surrounding the abandoned hut should help contain Blaze's flames if she should lose it again. The Secret Waterway beneath the hut would serve the same purpose.

Inside the former Magician's Study, now simply an Empty Room, Blaze the Cat stares out of the window while deep in thought.

"I'm back, Blaze!"

The princess is startled by the voice until she recalls who it belongs to. Cream the Rabbit enters the house while carrying a saucer with a cup of tea in her hands. Cheese flies beside her and also brings a cup of tea.

Blaze isn't in the mood for tea, but she can't think of a good excuse, so she accepts the cup and sips from it. Cream takes the cup that Cheese is holding and sips as well.

"Are you feeling better?" Cream asks.

Blaze nods but says nothing. Her injuries have healed but she's deeply troubled. Cream notices the expression on her face.

"What's wrong? Can I help?" she asks.

The princess looks at Cream's innocent face, wondering how the little girl could possibly understand the pain inside her.

Blaze sighs and decides to try.

"I have always hated my flames. This curse has isolated me from everyone else, more than being a princess. Before you became my friend, I've always been alone,"

"But you're not alone now. Sonic, Tails, Cheese and everyone else are also your friends," she says with that happy smile on her face.

"Cream, look around you. I'm stuck in an empty hut, surrounded by water. They said it was to protect me from everyone, but it's also to protect everyone from me. This is the second time I've destroyed an entire town with my powers and I have no memory of it. There's something inside me that I can't control. I don't know what it is, but it could burn my entire world if I go back like this,"

Cream is too young to understand self-loathing, but her optimism never wavers after listening to Blaze.

"Don't worry. Me and Cheese will help you, just like before. Tails will find a way cause he's good at fixing things. You'll get better and then we can go on a trip together,"

Blaze sighs and shakes her head to herself. Cream is such a naive little girl. Despite that, Blaze smiles a little bit because her friend promises to help her. Cream beams when she sees Blaze's smile.

Together, they resume drinking their tea.


Mickey Mouse enters the Small House in the Third District and sits down in the only chair in the room, deep in thought.

Sonic arrives soon after and smiles when he sees the King.

"Thanks again for helping us hide Blaze,"

Mickey nods while staring at the table.

"What's wrong?" Sonic asks him.

"Everyone was so angry and that only brought more Heartless,"

"Doesn't seem like much of a problem for you,"

"Sonic, some of these people have lost their worlds to the Heartless before. They're stranded here and it was nine years before Sora brought their worlds back. They don't know if they'll be able to go back at all this time and someone just tried to burn the only refuge they have,"

"Blaze is complicated but she wouldn't roast us all if she could help it. Remember when she woke up? She said that there was something inside her that made her do it,"

Sonic taps his foot as he thinks.

"I think Shadow knew, cause he told us to find her once we caught up to him,"

Mickey looks up once he mentions Shadow's name.

"Speaking of Shadow, many people still believe it was him who unlocked the Keyholes of their worlds,"

Sonic is speechless for a moment, because he would be lying if he said that Shadow wasn't capable of destroying entire worlds, and yet…

"Shadow's saved our world a couple of times,"

"And Minnie believes he's not evil," Mickey admits once he remembers.

"Didn't Donald and Goofy say they saw someone who looked a lot like Shadow?"

Mickey nods. "They said that he said that light was coming and that Shadow would try to keep everything the way it is,"

"I don't know what to make of that, but he could have been lying to them,"

Mickey is silent for a moment before he gets off the chair and approaches Sonic.

"There's something else. I've found six Princesses of Heart without their hearts,"

Sonic raises an eyebrow. "What's a Princess of Heart?"

"I'll explain in a moment, but the important thing is that I think I know where to go next,"

- - -


Once Shadow regains full mobility, he wanders through the woods while still trying to clear his thoughts.

The Doctor's words continue to haunt him. Was he really brainwashed by Professor Gerald? Is that why he sought out revenge against humanity? The thing that unnerves Shadow the most is that he has no recollection of events after Maria sent him to Earth and prior to waking up on Prison Island fifty years later; and yet, he knew exactly what he was supposed to do: Convince whoever released him to collect the Chaos Emeralds, bring them to the Ark and activate the Eclipse Cannon.

"It doesn't make any sense," he tells himself.

Shadow hates this feeling of being unfamiliar with himself. Even worse, the Doctor intends to replicate whatever it was that the Professor did to him on his Replicas. Shadow doesn't know what it is or how to stop it.

Prison Island would be the first place he'd go to investigate, but Shadow, Eggman and Rouge blew up the island while hunting for Chaos Emeralds. The Doctor also claims to have extracted the data from the computer terminal before he left.

As Shadow tries to recall the Professor's plan, he remembers that he managed to program the Ark from his cell on Prison Island to crash onto the Earth once all the emeralds energized the cannon.

"There could still be something there," Shadow mumbles as he looks up towards the sky. A clue or some piece of data.

Feeling a heavy weight on his heart, Shadow activates Chaos Control and warps to his first home.


He reappears inside the observation deck on the space colony Ark with Keyblade in hand. He doesn't know what he would expect upon returning to the familiar room; but once he realizes that he's alone in the dusty room, Shadow lets his weapon disappear.

Returning to the Ark has become harder for Shadow since his experience in Castle Oblivion. He closes his eyes as the memories from his life on the space colony have become so fresh and vivid. He opens his eyes and recalls how this room, with its beautiful view of the planet below, holds so many positive memories as well as his most painful. Maria died in this very room.

Fighting the tide of emotions in his heart, Shadow approaches the computer in the corner of the room and starts it up. He accesses Project Shadow and types in the password: Maria.


The thief left a calling card. An emblem appears on the screen, resembling a mad scientist with a moustache.

"Damn you, Doctor," Shadow says with a clenched jaw.

At the bottom of the screen are the words:

Related subjects:

Project: Gizoid

Project: Limbic

Shadow accesses Project: Gizoid and finds all the data from that experiment missing as well. That doesn't surprise him. The Doctor was very interested in copying Emerl's abilities for his own robots.

He accesses Project: Limbic next and he's rewarded with completely intact data on the screen. Eggman must not have found this experiment important enough to steal.

Strangely enough, the details and formulas he's reading remind him slightly of the research he found in Radiant Garden and in the Castle That Never Was.

Shadow shifts through the data until he finds notes written by Professor Gerald Robotnik. With nothing else to do and nowhere else to go, Shadow starts reading the work left by his creator.

Gerald's Report 1

The creation of life is a responsibility that must not be taken lightly. My failures with the Artificial Chaos and the Biolizard have revealed to me that if one does not take proper steps to cultivate the proper mental and emotional states of synthetic living creatures, the result could cause disaster if their violent tendencies are exploited.

As a father and grandfather, I understand how important it is to nurture and care for something you helped bring into this world.

Which is why I have begun Project: Limbic. I will devote more time and energy to understand the brain and its link with the heart so that the next organism I create will not only know peace of mind, but will be capable of thinking and interacting with others on the level of a sentient creature.

Shadow stares at the screen as memories of the Professor fill his mind. He was always kind and wise. Shadow trusted him as much as Maria.

Gerald's Report 2

I have often looked to the past for guidance. Our knowledge today only comes from the learnings of wise men and women of yesterday.

I have also been fascinated by legends and obscure myths of ancient cultures. The Artificial Chaos are an example of my attempts to replicate the guardian god of the Chao.

What is relevant to this project is a very old tablet I have read about. It came from a meteor that was strangely elastic and rubber-like in texture. The inscription made numerous references to seven hearts of pure light. One might assume this refers to the Chaos Emeralds; but upon further translation, I have since learned that the writings refer to what is called a Princess of Heart, one who does not possess darkness of any kind.

Most people believe that darkness is evil and light is good, but what they fail to realize is that if one is exposed to too much of either one, the end result is blindness.

But for the sake of simplifying my reports of this experiment, I will humor the outdated notion of light and darkness.

This is not hubris, but the result of extensive psychological study. It is my belief that my granddaughter, Maria, is a member of this generation's Princesses of Heart. I will not deny that I feel pride knowing this.

I will base my research on Maria so that the next organism I create will possess a heart just like hers.

I do not know for certain what the United Federation intends to do with my research on Project: Shadow, but if the next prototype can feel like Maria, then surely it will bring peace to the world.

Shadow once believed that he and the Gizoid were merely living weapons, but Rouge explained to him that the Professor was not interested in violence. She told him that if weapons could choose not to fight, then maybe it could bring an end to war.

Which is why the Professor programmed Emerl with a free willed emotion-based AI and gave Shadow a heart like Maria's.

Feeling more emotional with every passage he reads, Shadow presses on.

Gerald's Report 3

Black Doom has given me the genetic components I need to complete Project: Shadow, but I do not trust that alien creature.

He requests that I deliver the seven Chaos Emeralds to him in exchange for his blood. We both share knowledge of the space-time warping technique of Chaos Control, which is why I know that with all seven emeralds, he could teleport something as big as the Black Comet down to Earth.

What he doesn't know is that I will use the research of Project: Limbic to ensure that our creation will not only be able to think for itself, but become as gentle and loving as Maria.

Black Doom's weapon will refuse to obey him and his plans for invasion will fail.

"Professor, where did you go wrong?" Shadow asks.

He's nothing like Maria and he hates himself for it.

Gerald's Report 4

I have watched Shadow come to life on board the Ark and introduced him to Maria. I am hoping that exposing him to her gentle character will help him emulate her remarkable traits.

I am pleased to report that Shadow does indeed possess the mind of a sentient being and that he has not lashed out violently unlike my past failures. He appears capable of thinking, making decisions and emotional responses.

I am worried, however, that I will not be able to remain objective during this experiment. Shadow is more than the Ultimate Life Form, he is family. Maria loves him and so do I. He is a son to me and I can not treat him like a test subject.

Project: Limbic must continue, therefore I will do my utmost to observe him, not only as a researcher, but as a father.

Gerald's Report 5

Since acquiring the Gizoid, I have been evaluating its ability to mimic the patterns and abilities of others and determined that such a robot could cause wide spread destruction if misused.

I have since chosen to incorporate my research from Project: Limbic into Project: Gizoid so that neither Shadow or the Gizoid can become weapons if they value life and friendship.

The Gizoid is not my creation and no computer can properly analyze it without crashing. It will be extremely difficult but I must understand its programming better so that I can alter it enough to grant emotions and free will.

Gerald's Report 6

During some tests, I have been gauging Shadow's emotional responses and the results are mostly positive, but I am concerned.

He has grown very attached to Maria, perhaps too much. He is overprotective of her, something I can certainly understand and empathize with but there was an incident he has chosen not to share with me.

I have learned from the staff and from Maria that during one of her checkups at the hospital, which Shadow often visits with her, he took the syringe out of the doctor's hand and threatened him with it before he could draw blood.

He told the physician that he will not let Maria suffer any more pain and that if she should suffer, the doctors will suffer as well. Maria managed to calm him down and convince him that what her doctors were doing was important. He reluctantly gave the syringe back but continued to glare angrily as he held Maria's hand.

I did not anticipate he was capable of aggression. I should have but I was so arrogant and believed my research was enough.

Where did I go wrong?

The memory comes rushing back to Shadow. He was so angry and he was more than capable of stabbing the doctor with the needle. Maria was too important to him. He would not see her get hurt in any way and she was in so much pain whenever they performed their tests.

Maria was always so strong and he admired her for it. So young and yet she could take anything while still loving everybody she knew. Shadow now realizes that the doctors loved her too and wanted to help her.

Gerald's Report 7

I have come up with several possible theories for Shadow's aggressive behaviour.

My research into the mind and the heart was incomplete and I failed to replicate a heart so much like Maria's; or perhaps by creating a heart of pure light, the opposite held true and his heart contains pure darkness as well.

Perhaps the answer lies in Black Doom's DNA. I should have studied it more carefully to determine if aggression is coded genetically in the Black Arms species.

The answer could be all or none of the above. What's done is done.

What troubles me most is that we are running short on time. If something should happen to Maria, I don't know if I or Shadow could handle the grief.

Gerald's Report 8

I must suspend Project: Limbic, perhaps indefinitely. There are far more important matters to deal with than looking into the mysteries of the heart and mind.

The government has threatened to cut off funding for my experiments. I have no choice but to deliver the Gizoid to GUN to buy us more time.

Maria's doctors have sent me the latest prognosis. I refuse to believe or accept it. Shadow can save her, I know he can. It's one of the reasons I created him. He is immune to NIDS. I must use whatever resources I have left to find a cure.

Shadow will be more than willing to help and I love him for it. Despite my misgivings, he has a good heart.

End of final report.

Confusion and a mounting sense of dread rises within Shadow as he searches for Maria's file in the hospital databanks.

Patient name: Maria Robotnik.

Diagnosis: Neuro-Immune Deficiency Disorder (NIDS)

Prognosis: Terminal.

Shadow's jaw falls open as he gazes at the computer screen.

"She was going to die," he mumbles.

She was going to die no matter what. Even if she wasn't shot to death, he was still going to lose her.

Many questions fill Shadow's head. Was he the only chance she had at survival? Did his existence hasten her demise? What if he couldn't save her and her NIDS killed her anyway?

These and more questions plague him with pain and doubt until he reaches the point where he summons his Keyblade in his hand.

"It doesn't matter anymore!" he shouts before smashing the computer with it.

The Keyblade buried inside the terminal, Shadow lets go of it and walks away while clutching his head. He drops to his knees.

"It doesn't matter anymore. Maria is gone,"

Saying the words breaks his heart, but then something yells at him from deep within his memory.

"It doesn't matter! Nothing matters anymore, Shadow!"

Shadow gasps and opens his eyes, like he had awoken from a nightmare. He knows that voice and it terrifies him. That was the voice of his creator, but not the same man that he knew and loved. It was the voice of a broken madman who had lost everything.

Within the dust on the floor is the photograph of Maria and the Professor that Shadow threw away. He picks it up and gazes longingly at the figures in the picture. Right now, Shadow feels angry at himself for wishing for the past again.

"How disappointing," says another voice in the room.

Shadow clenches his fist when he realizes he's not alone. He turns towards the computer screen and sees the one winged form of Sephiroth standing in front of it, watching him with Cloud's blue eyes.

"You… What are you doing here?" Shadow asks him as he stands up.

Before Sephiroth can respond, Shadow shakes his head and brushes him off as he approaches the computer terminal, walking past him.

"Never mind. Just don't waste my time," he says before pulling his Keyblade out of the machine.

He turns and walks towards the door at the end of the observation deck.

"Where will you go?" Sephiroth asks him.

Shadow hesitates before answering, "Anywhere that's not here,"

"You have all the time in the universe to waste. Why not humor me with a few minutes?"

Shadow stops and looks over his shoulder at the swordsman.

"Why would I do that?"

"Curiosity. You will answer my questions and I will answer yours,"

Feeling irritated, and all of his leads exhausted, Shadow turns around and walks back to the window next to the terminal and stands beside Sephiroth.

"Fine, but I go first. Who is Mephiles?" Shadow asks him, expecting no answer.

"I don't know who or what he is, but I do know where he is," Sephiroth replies.


"And I will show you after our conversation. Now it is my turn. Do you believe there is more than one of everything?"

"No," Shadow responds immediately. "There's an original and there are fakes," he says, thinking of the Replicas.

"Like a clone?" Sephiroth asks.

When Shadow nods, Sephiroth follows with, "Are you a clone?"

"Hmph! Someone tried convincing me that I was, but he lied,"

The swordsman is silent for a moment, then Shadow asks,

"Why are you still following me? I thought you had your fun at Castle Oblivion,"

"Aren't you forgetting something?" he asks cryptically.

"Answer the question!"

"Like I said, curiosity. When I looked at your past within the castle, I felt a small familiar sensation. You were created by a professor using the genes of an ageless alien life form."

"So what?"

"Have you ever seen the river Styx underneath the Olympus Coliseum?"

Shadow was not expecting that question. He glances at Sephiroth and answers, "Yes,"

"A river of souls flowing underneath the world. When I saw it, something stirred inside of me. I know that I have never seen something like that before and yet I could not shake the feeling that I have. Do you know what I mean?"

Shadow blinks as he starts to feel doubt. "Yes. I feel the same thing whenever I see Mephiles,"

He starts explaining, "The Doctor said that feelings last longer than memories. He believes Mephiles is from another timeline,"

"If there's another timeline, that means there might be another you,"

Shadow frowns. "Perhaps,"

He doesn't want to admit that he's wrong, but he's seen pieces and memories of that other timeline when he went back to Castle Oblivion.

When he looks at Sephiroth's reflection in the glass, he could almost see him wearing a different face, one with catlike green eyes, but when he blinks, Sephiroth resembles Cloud again.

"Why does this matter to you?"

Sephiroth looks down at him out of the corner of his eye.

"I am just a dark memory and I refuse to remain one,"

"Hmph. Fine, I have another question. What did you mean by disappointing?"

"I believed that you were moving on from your past, but it seems I was wrong. You and Cloud are more alike than I thought,"

"I've put the past behind me,"

"And yet, here you are, digging up secrets about yourself,"

"I needed information,"

"Did you find what you were looking for?"

"… Not exactly,"

"That must have been disappointing for you,"

"Grrrr. Change the subject!"

"Very well," Sephiroth takes a moment to consider his next question. "If you had a chance to get what you've always wanted, what would stop you from getting it?"

Shadow closes his eyes and looks away from Sephiroth. He waits a long time before answering.

"Guilt," he admits.

For the first time, Sephiroth smiles.…

"Thank you, Shadow. As promised, I will show you where to find your enemy,"

Shadow looks at Sephiroth, who continues to speak.

"But first, I have a present I've been meaning to give Cloud for a long time,"

"A present?" Shadow asks, confused.

Sephiroth nods. "Despair,"

Shadow's eyes widen with alarm. Sephiroth turns his head and looks down at him.

"Would you like to come see? It might stir up some memories of yours,"


Sephiroth vanishes and Shadow teleports after him.

Sparks fly from the smashed in computer terminal; but otherwise, the Ark becomes silent and empty once more.
Shadow of Hearts Chapter 34
I have been looking forward to this chapter for so long and I loved writing it.

When I played Sonic Battle, I never understood how Shadow could heal using Chaos Control, but I recently read a story where someone used a healing ring that would repair his wounds at the cost of years off of his life. That gave me the inspiration for Shadow to have his own healing technique.

Shadow learns that the Professor engineered him to have a heart like Maria's, whom Gerald believed to be a Princess of Heart, but it backfired somehow.

It just wouldn't be a Kingdom Hearts story without reports, wouldn't it? ;) That was actually fun to write.

Sephiroth returns and questions Shadow about the possibility of other universes.

For those who like this story, I am sorry to say that I am suspending Shadow of Hearts and returning to Haloid.

I've got a lot of Halo stuff to catch up on but I wanted to finish this chapter before I got into it.

I've been extremely lazy with my writing this past year and I'm a little ashamed of that.

But while writing this chapter, I felt that awesome feeling of excitement I get while working and how I've missed it.

I don't know when the next Haloid or Shadow of Hearts chapters will come out, but rest assured that the stories will be told.
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- Eggman's base -

- Emergency exit corridor -

- 15 seconds later -

Shadow cannot believe how an obese old man with skinny legs can run so fast.

The hedgehog skates after Dr. Eggman through the hallway leading to the helipad. Security doors shut in the doctor's wake but Shadow unlocks them from a distance with his Keyblade.

"Orbot, Cubot! Shut the last security door… Now!" Eggman shouts before he reaches the helipad.

The reinforced door slams shut directly in front of Shadow, forcing to stop. With a grunt of frustration, he points his Keyblade at the door and it unlocks just like the others. As the door opens, he gets a glimpse of the doctor inside the Egg Walker.

Eggman quickly rotates the cockpit around to face him and fires a barrage of laser missiles from the cannon to his left. Still in the corridor and nowhere to run, the missiles impact and explode all over Shadow, throwing him back into the hallway.…

"Hee hee hee hee. I hope you remember this baby, Shadow. I've made a few upgrades to it over the years,"

A reinforced glass barrier seals the cockpit. Eggman continues to laugh from inside his vehicle, which is the same Egg Walker the doctor used when Shadow first met him.

It resembles the Egg Mobile with two legs attached, a missile launcher to the left of the cockpit, a Vulkan Cannon to the right with a larger cannon attached to the right side of the vehicle. More powerful jet engines are attached to the legs of the machine and a protective armour covers most of the Egg Walker.

Shadow gets back on his feet while trying to ignore the pain. Eggman starts firing bullets from the two cannons and locks onto Shadow with a targeting laser. A blue missile is launched and quickly homes in on the hedgehog.

Shadow activates his Flame Ring and sets his Keyblade ablaze, then he tosses it ahead of him. The missile explodes on impact and the spinning key keeps going, eliminating the smaller bullets but the larger ones stay true to their course. Eggman backs his machine up to avoid the burning key before it returns to its owner. Shadow dashes from his spot and slides underneath the rounds streaking towards him. He catches his Keyblade once he makes it outside.

An electrified fence surrounds the helipad, which appears to be in the middle of a forest.

The hedgehog raises his key and strikes for the Egg Walker's left leg, but the machine jumps to avoid the blow. Thermal energy builds up in the jet engines as the Egg Walker returns to the ground and releases a shockwave once its legs touch the floor. Shadow is thrown a few feet across the helipad. He rolls for a moment before getting back on his feet.

"I'm almost impressed, Doctor," he says.

Eggman rotates the cockpit around to face Shadow.

"Is that all you've got to say?" he asks.


Eggman scowls at the Ultimate Life Form.

"I expect Sonic and his meddling friends to talk down to me, but not you, Shadow. I thought you acknowledged true genius when you saw it,"

"All I see is a waste of true genius,"

"Why you little… You're nothing but a fifty year old hedgehog!"

Eggman targets Shadow and resumes firing bullets from both cannons and a homing missile from the launcher. Shadow jumps, curls up and executes a Homing Attack for the Egg Walker. He passes between the rounds shot by the doctor, but just before he makes contact, a compartment opens up in front of the vehicle and sends out a boxing glove to knock Shadow back.

The force of the blow sends him into the electrified fence, where his body is electrocuted before he mercifully falls away from it. Shadow collapses on the floor, twitching uncontrollably.

Eggman laughs as he turns the rest of his vehicle around to face Shadow. He targets Shadow with the laser, then says,

"Don't make this too easy, Shadow. I've still got a few tricks left to show you,"

Shadow pushes himself up into a kneeling position and waits for the twitching to pass. Fortunately, the doctor continues to ramble on rather than attack him.

"Hee hee hee, I like the sight of you kneeling in front of me. The world would be a much better place if everyone chose to do that. Soon, that is exactly what will happen.


"What was that, Shadow?"

"Ch-chaos Spear!"

Shadow aims his Keyblade at the Egg Walker and starts firing bolts of energy. The spears impact on the vehicle and start stripping away its armour. Eggman scowls and strafes Shadow to avoid the incoming bolts. He returns fire with bullets and a lock-on missile. Shadow waits until the last second before he jumps over the missile and the rounds that follow.

He throws his Keyblade in midair in the Egg Walker's path, forcing it to stop. He hovers in place with the help of his skates and the doctor tilts his machine upwards to aim at Shadow.

The hedgehog drops to the floor after Eggman starts firing, then he dashes to the walker while it tilts back down. Raising his Keyblade, Shadow swings his weapon before the Egg Walker can jump and knocks one of the mechanical legs out of position. Shadow slides underneath the machine while the Egg Walker adopts a kneeling position and the doctor tries to get the leg back into position. Shadow comes to a stop and charges back the way he came. He tackles the rear of the Egg Walker and forces it to fall over onto its front.

Eggman's face presses against the glass protecting him after he falls over. He then watches as Shadow stands in front of him and start swinging his Keyblade at the reinforced glass. Cracks form and spread from each blow.

The doctor rapidly types into a control panel in the cockpit. The feet of the Egg Walker start bending forward until they're flat against the floor. Clamps along the sides anchor the feet and allow the legs to start lifting the Egg Walker back up.

When Shadow realizes this, he jumps onto the back of the vehicle to slow it down and resume his efforts to break the glass. Eggman types in coordinates as Shadow raises his Keyblade again. The missile launcher quickly rotates towards him and launches a missile at point blank range, blowing Shadow off the Egg Walker.

The pain that he's been trying to ignore catches up with him as Shadow lays on his back. He and the Egg Walker both slowly get up. Shadow coughs and tries to catch his breath as he stands near the centre of the helipad. Eggman looks at him and presses a button just as Shadow dashes towards him.

The centre of the helipad quickly descends into the ground. Shadow comes to a stop when he sees that the surrounding walls are electrified. The helipad continues to go down until it comes to a stop sixty feet below the surface.

Eggman brings his vehicle to the edge of the pit and grins down at Shadow.

"Like a spiky rat in a trap, although I'd prefer it if Sonic were down there and not you,"

The doctor laughs as Shadow searches for a way back up, but he can't find any. Every inch of the walls is electrically charged.

Eggman strokes his moustache and says, "I can't thank you enough for coming back to Earth when you did. You were the perfect means of testing the temporal/spatial disruptor, my base's defences and my new android Replicas,"

Shadow scowls up at the madman. Eggman continues to monologue.

"I knew there was a chance you could defeat your own Replicas, but I believed Metal Sonic would be able to beat you. When I get him back on his feet, I'll have to modify his memories and find a suitable excuse for the robotic body underneath. No need for him to lose his efficiency just because of a little thing like that,"

"I destroyed his memories as Sonic, Doctor!"

"Hah hah hah! I've been studying Sonic for a long time, Shadow. I know him almost more than he knows himself. I can create another memory chip for Metal Sonic and he'll be the perfect means of ending the blue rodent's life,"

"I won't let you do this, Doctor. You toyed with my memories, but I won't let you torture Metal Sonic or anymore of your Replicas!"

"My creations are built to serve me. I will do whatever it takes to make them obey my every wish,"

Shadow points up at Eggman. "One day, Doctor. One day, you will be the slave," he lowers his hand. "That is, if I don't kill you first,"

The back of the Egg Walker opens up and a rocket launcher emerges.

"Slavery doesn't suit me, Shadow. How's this for an act of rebellion?!"

He fires three volleys of small, homing rockets into the air before they descend towards the black hedgehog at the bottom of the pit.

Shadow knows he has two choices. Either he can run around to avoid the approaching rockets and risk losing space before they all land; or, he can do this…

He raises his Keyblade, takes aim and fires a Chaos Spear. The bolt of energy launches from the tip of his weapon, makes contact with the first volley of rockets and causes a chain reaction. They detonate harmlessly in the air.

He fires another bolt and the result destroys the second volley of approaching explosives, but the third is too close for comfort. Shadow dashes from his spot and circles around the limited space available to him as the rockets detonate on the ground behind him.

Robots carrying lances gather around the edge of the pit.

"Egg pawns, descend and take care of that nuisance!"

The pawns obey and leap down sixty feet after the last rocket explodes behind Shadow. The robots land and surround the hedgehog, then ready their lances to skewer him.

He considers blowing them all up with a Chaos Blast, but that might leave him open for a follow up surprise by the doctor, so he tries something else.

Shadow swings his Keyblade to knock aside some of the lances as they lunge for him, then he snaps his fingers to induce Chaos Magic. A spacial distortion throws one of the Egg Pawns into the air. Shadow waits underneath the robot before he thrusts his Keyblade upward and buries it inside the Egg Pawn's back as it falls down.

As the other robots attempt to stab him, Shadow brings his Keyblade down and uses the struggling pawn as a shield. Lances are buried inside the robot's mechanical body before Shadow swings his key and pulls the weapons out of the grips of the enemies facing him.

He turns around and repeats the process with the robots behind him. With most of the pawns disarmed, Shadow aims, charges up his Keyblade and fires a Chaos Blast. The beam of energy propels the robot like a cannon ball towards a group of robots and blows them away, scattering bits of metal and lances everywhere.

The rest of the robots rush Shadow, whether they have weapons or not. Shadow grips his Keyblade and turns to face them when suddenly the Egg Walker drops from above and lands in the middle of the helipad. The impact releases a shockwave of heated air that sends the doctor's own pawns into the electrified wall. They hang suspended against the wall as they're electrocuted before they explode.

Shadow is blown back as well but he digs his Keyblade into the floor to slow him down and he stops before touching the wall. The doctor turns his vehicle around to face him and says,

"It's the story of my life, Shadow. I have to do everything myself!"

Shadow says nothing, but that is one thing he does respect about the doctor. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and face his enemies himself.…

The Egg Walker leaps towards Shadow but he easily moves out of the way. He jumps before the vehicle lands but the shockwave sends him across the helipad. Shadow jump dashes to slow himself down before he lands back on the floor.

A second targeting laser appears from the back of the Egg Walker and sights on Shadow. A missile is launched and quickly homes in on the hedgehog. Shadow dashes around it before he jumps towards the Egg Walker. The madman's vehicle is turning to face Shadow when the hedgehog uses Black Tornado to spin rapidly around the Egg Walker. A twister of darkness surrounds the vehicle, but it is too heavy to be lifted into the air. Eggman finds it irritating, though. He can't knock Shadow away with his boxing glove with him moving so fast, so the doctor charges up his jet engines, jumps and releases another shockwave.

Shadow is above the vehicle when the shockwave hits and throws him upwards. He jump dashes until he's back in position, then buzz saws through the air with his Keyblade until he smashes the reinforced glass covering Eggman's cockpit, spreading the cracks nearly to the breaking point.

Shadow kicks off from the Egg Walker before the doctor can turn around and punch him away. He dashes around the vehicle while Eggman tries helplessly to keep up with him. He picks up lances off the floor and then charges straight for the Egg Walker. Before Eggman figures out what he's doing, Shadow plunges the lances into the legs of the vehicle and nails them to the floor.

Eggman yells in frustration when he learns he can't move his beloved walker. Shadow climbs onto the back of the vehicle, raises his Keyblade and finally shatters the glass. Now exposed, Eggman surprises Shadow by knocking him off with a large wrench he had kept with him in the cockpit.

The mad scientist presses a switch and the legs are separated from the main vehicle. The two cannons on either side of him are also released. Free of its burdens, the Eggmobile flies into the air.

Shadow returns to his feet and shouts at Eggman,

"Don't you dare flee from me, Doctor!"

The hover vehicle stops halfway up the pit and Eggman responds to Shadow,

"I wouldn't dream of it, Shadow. You are the key to beating Sonic and you will help me, willingly or not!"

A small tube extends from the underside of the Eggmobile. The doctor proceeds to drop mines in the shape of spiked balls down to the helipad. Shadow easily evades them, but they don't detonate upon landing. They take up space and flash slightly on timers.

Eggman chuckles and drops a fireball into the middle of the arena. It spreads on impact and ignites the floor as well as setting off the mines. Shadow is forced dangerously close to the electrified wall when the mines start exploding. He manages to block the shrapnel by spinning his Keyblade but the flames and explosions limit his movements.

"You're no match for me!" The doctor shouts as he tilts his Eggmobile down to face the trapped hedgehog. "All systems, full power!"

Shadow looks up as the lens in front of the vehicle starts charging up. Eggman fires a Power Laser. A great beam of energy blasts forth from the lens and down onto the Ultimate Life Form.

Eggman grins as he keeps the laser powered for as long as he can before he has to shut it down. As the flames on the floor and the laser beam dissipate, a figure remains standing amidst the smoke and destruction. Shadow holds his inhibitor rings in his hands as he crosses them in front of his face. A golden energy shield surrounds him completely until it disappears when he puts his rings back on his wrists.

The doctor's grin fades and is replaced with a scowl, then he becomes distracted when his robots contact him.

"Boss, he's here!" Orbot shouts from the speaker while gunfire can be heard in the background.

"Who's here?" Eggman asks.

"The mean one! The one going through the rebellious teen phase!" Cubot yells.

"What are you two talking about?!"

After Shadow catches his breath, he picks up a lance, then plants his Keyblade into the floor. He backs up, then dashes towards it, jumps onto the weapon, then kicks off from the handle. He activates both his Flame Ring and Air Shoes to combine fire and wind in his hover skates to give himself a double jump. Approaching the Eggmobile, he summons his Keyblade into his free hand, then buries the spines into the vehicle.

"What? Shadow?!" Eggman yells when he realizes the hedgehog has reached him.

Shadow buries the lance into a portion of the Eggmobile with weak armour, then summons his Keyblade back without having to forcefully remove it, and buries it inside the targeting laser. He lifts himself up and plants his feet on the length of the lance before jumping to the top of the vehicle. Eggman swings with his wrench but Shadow sidesteps the blow before the hedgehog reaches into the cockpit and rips out the controls.

"No! What are you doing?!" The doctor screams before the hover vehicle plummets to the helipad.

After the Eggmobile crashes, Shadow jumps off and pushes it into the wall. The electrical currents running along its surface travel to the vehicle and the madman inside. Eggman screams as thousands of volts course through his body.

Shadow leaves the doctor to his fate and moves to the centre of the helipad. He folds his arms and glances in the direction of the Eggmobile.

"You deserved worse, doctor, but this will have to do," Shadow says, then wrinkles his nose at the smell of burning flesh. Ignoring the screams, he looks up to the top of the pit above him and tries to determine when he'll recover enough strength to escape.

Suddenly the Eggmobile smashes into him, catching him off guard. Rolling across the floor, he comes to a stop and lays down on his stomach, dazed. With blurry vision, he can see a smoking figure approaching the vehicle and retrieving a large wrench from the cockpit, then the armed threat walks towards him.

Shadow pushes himself off the floor and shakes his head before looking up. The doctor stands before him, but the flesh on his face is blackened and burnt off. Underneath is metal.

"Another Replica?" Shadow asks.

"Hee hee hee hee. Did you not think I wouldn't create this beautiful imitation of perfection?"

Shadow gets back on his feet and summons his Keyblade.

"This whole time, you were just a fake?"

"Wrong. That was the real me when you first came here, but I made a switch while you were running around inside my base. I am now miles away from here, Shadow, and don't be so proud of the mess you made. Those warships you destroyed were but a fraction of my fleet,"

Shadow swings his Keyblade for one of the Eggbot's legs and succeeds in bringing the Replica to his knees, but the robot swings his wrench and across Shadow's face. The blow throws him off the floor before landing in a heap.

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop interrupting me, you infuriating little hedgehog?!" Eggman shouts before getting back up and charging Shadow with wrench raised.

Shadow returns to his feet as well and dodges the blow. He jumps into the air and executes a Homing Attack on the Replica. The Eggbot swings his wrench like a bat, but Shadow uncurls and propels himself slightly upward using his hover skates, barely avoiding the swing before he delivers a jet powered axe kick onto the robot's head.

He kicks the fake doctor in the face with his other leg and flips off before landing in front of him. Shadow concentrates and snaps his fingers to induce Chaos Magic, but the spatial distortion doesn't appear. His confusion gives the Eggbot a chance to swing his wrench at the hedgehog but Shadow manages to block it in time.

Their weapons locked, Shadow is surprised by the robot's strength. He plants his foot behind him to brace himself and push back against the wrench. Eggman grins as the four buttons on his chest turn into gun barrels. Shadow's face betrays his alarm before the robot starts rapidly firing bullets at point blank range. The rounds tear through Shadow's body.

Eggman ceases firing before kicking Shadow away. The hedgehog lands on his back and struggles to breath.

The Replica laughs and raises his wrench. "Heh heh heh. Not on your game today, are you, Shadow? Sonic would have beaten me by now,"

Shadow endures extreme pain as he sits up before bringing up his Keyblade to block the doctor's swing, then he rolls away to avoid another hail of bullets. When he gets up and turns towards the robot, Eggman swings his wrench and catches Shadow across the face.

The hedgehog stumbles and slowly gets back up. Eggman laughs as Shadow aims his Keyblade and fires Chaos Spears, but the bolts of energy dissipate before impacting the mad doctor.

"Is that what being powerless looks like? Maybe I'll get the same reaction when I break Sonic's legs!" Eggman shouts between laughter.

Shadow lowers his Keyblade and covers his wounds with his free arm. He tries to think and understand why his Chaos attacks aren't working. Realization dawns on him as soon as the Replica raises his wrench.

"Break his legs? Why not chop them off?" Shadow asks the doctor, hoping to stall for time.

The Eggbot chuckles. "I considered that, but I figure breaking them would be more painful. I still like the way you think, Shadow. Breaking or removing his legs would deprive him of what he treasures most,"

"His speed," Shadow says before coughing out some blood.

"I was going to say freedom, but those two are the same thing when it comes to him," The Eggbot turns his back on Shadow and raises his arms up at the sky. "I'll be robbing the entire world of its freedom, but everyone will be grateful for it under my rule. Everyone but Sonic. You have no idea how badly I want to make him suffer,"

"Not just Sonic. No one tells me what to do, remember?" Shadow says as he puts away his Keyblade and picks up an Egg Lance.

The scientist chuckles as he starts to turn around. "I find that very hard to believe…!"

Shadow swipes with his hand and throws a handful of his own blood into the robot's eyes. The Eggbot stumbles back and brings his free hand up to his face.

"Is this blood? That is disgusting!" he says while wiping his eyes.

Shadow fights the pain in his body as he dashes as fast as he can to the doctor and stabs him in the abdomen with the Egg Lance. After clearing his eyes, the Eggbot looks down at the weapon impaling him, then smirks at Shadow.

"Have you figured it out by now, Shadow?"

A portion of Eggman's abdomen becomes transparent and reveals seven fake Chaos Emeralds surrounding a small pylon absorbing their energy.

"You're the reason I can't use Chaos Control," Shadow says angrily.

"And why none of your so-called Chaos attacks can harm me. They all rely on a disruption of space/time and my lucky charm here clears it up. What better place to hide such a priceless piece of machinery than in my own body?"

The Eggbot drops the wrench, puts his hands on the lance and starts pulling it out before changing his mind.

"Best to keep the containment chamber sealed," He looks at Shadow and shakes his head. "Don't get any ideas,"

He raises his hands and points his palms at Shadow. The hedgehog reacts and cartwheels through the air to his left just as the doctor fires beams of electricity from his hands. He passes above one of the beams and lands not far from the wrecked Eggmobile. Shadow grabs the vehicle and throws it at the robot.

The Replica braces himself and succeeds in stopping his former hover craft with his bare hands. Then, he kicks it back towards Shadow, but the hedgehog leaps above the hurling vehicle, curls up into a ball and launches himself at the doctor. Eggman fires bullets at Shadow, but the Ultimate Life Form passes by the robot and spins around him. The wind picks up and a black tornado surrounds the Eggbot. The Replica screams as the wind throws him into the air.

Shadow waits for him to almost land before he kicks Eggman into the electrified wall. The Eggbot starts screaming in agony again once he impacts the charged surface and thousands of volts course through his body. The electricity travels along the lance into the device with the fake emeralds inside, causing severe damage.

The hedgehog drops to one knee as the pain from his wounds catches up with him. The Eggbot collapses on the ground and starts short-circuiting. He raises his head to look at Shadow before speaking,

"Did bzzzt you think I bzzzzzt would give you a chanzzzzzt to escape? It'zzzzzt already too late! You bzzzzt won't have a chanzzzzzt to teleport out of here!"

That's when Shadow notices how dark the helipad has become. At first, he assumes it's because the sun is setting, but when he looks up, he sees a large number of Egg Flappers hovering above the pit where Shadow and the Eggbot are located.

The flying robots release the bombs they're carrying and leave. Shadow reaches down for the inhibitor rings on his ankles and removes them. Then he jumps into the air and activate the jets in his shoes to propel him into the air.

Eggman scans Shadow and laughs before calling out to him, "Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog!"

Shadow maneuvers around the bombs as he flies and tries to avoid the electrified wall. Just when he reaches the surface, his strength fades and the jets deactivate. On the edge of losing consciousness, Shadow realizes that he can't make it across the pit onto solid ground. He's going to fall back down to blow up with the Eggbot.

He gets an idea and channels the power of the emeralds then whispers, "Chaos Control…"

With the device still active inside the Replica, the inversion of space/time control is also active, but this time for Shadow's benefit. He had seen Metal Sonic slow down after using Chaos Control, so he does the same thing and allows time to accelerate around him while he slowly descends.

The bombs detonate upon reaching the bottom of the pit. The flames from the combined explosions reach up towards Shadow as he passes out.

- - -

Inside a hidden bunker, the real Dr. Robotnik lifts the goggles covering his eyes and removes the headset he's wearing.

The holographic computer screen in front of him displays the words, CONNECTION TERMINATED.

"Oh, really?" he asks the computer sarcastically. "Was it because I lost my internet connection or the fact that my favourite creation blew up?!"

He sniffs and wipes a tear from his eye.

"He was perfect," he mumbles as he mourns his own Replica.

Eggman pulls himself together and brings up the files on Project Replica on his screen.

"Fine work, but still requires some adjustments. Heh heh, but a good solution in case things go wrong for me,"

With a flick of his hand, the screen shifts through several miscellaneous files and assorted experiments until Eggman stops at one in particular.

The computer displays live footage of the massive stasis tank for Devil Doom's dead body. An additional window appears on the screen to reveal another big stasis tank, revealing the Biolizard.

An old picture of an amnesiac Shadow in his own stasis tank appears as well, along with his blood analysis.

The research files on Project Shadow appear last.

"Time to finish what my grandfather started," Eggman tells himself. "A genius such as myself should be able to discover the secret of immortality. After all, what's the point in building an empire if you can't rule it forever?"
Shadow of Hearts Chapter 33
I am extremely late with this chapter.

I've had ideas for this battle for a long time and yet it was still slow for me to write.

I know the Egg Walker seemed impractical to fight Shadow with, but it was meant to reference the game where Shadow first appeared.

The second phase, when the Eggmobile started flying, was inspired by the first Sonic game, in which he would drop fireballs and mines on separate boss battles.

The last phase was inspired by the Eggbot from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Heh, the beginning part where Shadow chased Eggman was funny to me because it seems like whenever Sonic ran after Eggman, the scientist always managed to stay ahead of him, even on foot.


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His awesome work has inspired not only me but countless others. He's also the creator of one of my favourite web series, RWBY.

I don't have much else to say right now, other than I'm begging he gets better.
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